About the project

About the project

About the project

Retrofitting to LED lights is better for the climate, saves money and improves light quality. It can
  • Cut energy use in half and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Help Ireland meet our statutory energy efficient targets
  • Reduce energy and maintenance costs by 55%

A national approach

Twenty-one local authorities are taking part in the National Public Lighting Energy Efficiency Project to upgrade their public lights to LED.

The project will upgrade approximately 205,000 public lights through an investment of €150 million. These lights currently consume 123 million kWh of energy annually.

Once complete, the project will avoid emitting 20,000 tonnes of CO2 each year, save 68 million kWh in energy, saving local authorities €12m in energy and maintenance costs each year.

How is the project being

The project is being rolled out on a regional basis with a lead authority managing the roll out in each of three regions. Support is being provided by the Road Management Office (RMO), a shared service between the local authorities. Each lead authority will appoint a contractor to undertake the retrofit, following a tender process. The Southern Region will be the first to commence, followed by the Eastern and North-West Regions. 

Which local authorities are taking part?

Twenty-one local authorities are participating in this Public Lighting Energy Efficiency Project (PLEEP).

Managed by Cork County Council 77,000 lights to be retrofitted

Managed by Mayo County Council 45,000 lights to be retrofitted